Equestrian Prep

I didn’t feel like straightening my curly locks today, so I cut my wild hair loose. I’ve been on a Mad Men Netflix binge lately, and Betty Draper’s (or Francis) equestrian look has inspired me. I found a scenic view on campus at Texas State University for today’s shoot, so no trespassing today. Equestrian Prep […]

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The White Dress and the White Fence

Today’s scenery was a random area with a white fence. Did we trespass? Probably. I went on a Free People splurge at Nordstrom Rack the other day, and this is one of the gems I picked up. It’s a flowy t-shirt type of dress made of 100% rayon. I’ve paired it with an old scarf […]

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I spent my day lounging around today, so I wore an outfit to fit my mood. This is my slouchy look; it’s loose, comfortable, and cute. Not only is it cute and comfortable, but it’s also breezy, which is perfect for Texas heat. Today’s scenery is on campus at Texas State University. Slouchy Attire: Free […]

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