The White Dress and the White Fence

Today’s scenery was a random area with a white fence. Did we trespass? Probably.

I went on a Free People splurge at Nordstrom Rack the other day, and this is one of the gems I picked up.

It’s a flowy t-shirt type of dress made of 100% rayon. I’ve paired it with an old scarf I’ve had and some knee high boots.

The White Dress and the White Fence Attire:

  • Free People Button Down Dress (Size Small): Similar (here)
  • Renee Suede Tall Boots in Beige (Size 8.5): Found (here)
  • Burberry-looking scarf my mom gave me. Or maybe it is Burberry?: Burberry scarves (here)
  • Cole Hann Tote: Similar, in White, (here)
  • Michael Kors Watch: Similar (here)

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I spent my day lounging around today, so I wore an outfit to fit my mood.

This is my slouchy look; it’s loose, comfortable, and cute. Not only is it cute and comfortable, but it’s also breezy, which is perfect for Texas heat.

Today’s scenery is on campus at Texas State University.

Slouchy Attire:

  • Free People Button-Up Blouse: From Nordstrom Rack (Size S). Similar (here)
  • Free People Tie Shorts: From Nordstrom Rack (Size XS). Similar (here)
  • Michael Kors Tote: Similar (here, here, or here)
  • Michael Kors Watch: Similar (here)
  • Lucky Brand Remyy Woven Wedge (Size 7.5): (here)

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And it was called “Yellow”

Today I found a creepy abandoned building for taking photos of today’s attire.

I dislike doing these mini photoshoots where there are people around, so I manage to find the most deserted places I can in this overpopulated little town of San Marcos.

Don’t forget to look at the pictures of me slowly climbing up those rickety-looking stairs.

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The Acquisition Binge- Amazon to acquire Net-A-Porter

Interesting! I do have Amazon Prime, so I guess this means I get free two-day shipping on clothes.

Mayrose By Nivea

In the pursuit of becoming a fashion giant Amazon found very bleak chances so, what does it do? It tries to buy another fashion giant.

One more E commerce portal is under the acquisition binge. This time our favourite online store Net-A-Porter.

Online shopping giant Amazon is rumoured to be in talks to buy the hugely successful luxury fashion e portal Net-a-Porter, the value of which could be as high as €2 billion.

Richemont, Net-a-Porter’s parent company, was looking to sell the luxury e-commerce and publishing company to focus on “hard luxury” businesses.

On the other hand, Amazon has been trying to get into the luxury fashion for quite some time. But to it’s misfortune, it had not been able to appeal to any luxury brand.

Amazon will not shrug this opportunity for what we see, even though both parties have not commented on the same as of now.

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Just Discovered what a “Bloglovin” is

So here it is.

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You’re welcome.

MAC Bao Bao Wan Collection Review

Cool fact about MAC

Living Disrobed

Mac Bao Bao Wan Collection

You will never guess what the lady at the MAC counter told me about the Bao Bao Wan Collection!

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Wool and Boots in Spring

Today’s attire was another blend between spring and fall. I walked out in shorts this morning, and ran back in to cover up my goosebumpy skin.

Texas has a way of surprising people with sudden weather changes. It was 20 degrees hotter yesterday, and I’m sure tomorrow we’ll get a spontaneous ice storm.

Enjoy the melodramatic photos!

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Buy Better and Buy Less: A Guide to Better Shopping Habits

I know we women have a bit of a shopping addiction, so I’ve decided to guide us, addicts, through a better spending method. My method is simple: buy better and buy less.



You’re shopping at your favorite mall and approach a store with sale signs displayed in the window. You go inside to browse, then walk to the sales rack. You see a blouse you kind of like and notice the red tag marked for $19.99. Then, you look up and notice for the sign for an additional 30% off.

You’re saying to yourself, “30% off the red tag!? That’s so cheap!

Consumed by your excitement on “saving money,” you pick through each clothing article on every sales rack and add them to your shopping bag. Then, you go into a dressing room to try on your collection of sale items and find that you like most of them enough to purchase- after all, they’re only between $10-$15 per piece. After a couple of hours scouring through clothes and trying them on, you’re finally ready to check out.

At the register, the cashier begins to take each article, scan it, remove the sensor, and then carefully fold and place it in to your bag. Nine pieces later, and your total is $125.94 (not including tax).

Well I did get a lot of stuff,” you think as you hesitantly swipe your Visa or Mastercard.

Shortly afterwards, you find a blouse you love at Nordstrom, but see the price tag of $220 and scowl at it.

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The Best Dressed Game of Thrones Women

Game of Thrones season five is scheduled for release on April 12th, 2015. I’m a huge fan of the series and counting down the days for the big reveal of episode one. Seriously, I have it marked on my calendar and set the theme song as my ringtone.

In honor of the upcoming release, I’ve decided to create a list of who I think the best-dressed characters are. I’ve listed five notable characters that catch my eye.

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