About Me

My name is Sophia Tinsley.


Texas-raised and Texas-proud.

I get my inspiration from everywhere, whether it be from Blair Waldorf or what I see on the streets. I compile all my ideas to create something elegant and free from expiration. The key is to know the difference between trends and fads.

I have a traditional style, blended with modern trends; I love timeless styles so I aim for minimalistic and classic pieces.


You may wonder where “Haute Rice” comes from. Well, if you can’t tell by my exotic facial features (kidding. kind of.), I’m a halfie. Half Korean (not North Korean) and half Caucasian. I’m the black sheep in Korea and the US. At 5’6″, I stand out like a white sasquatch in South Korea; And in the US… well… people just stare at me until they gather their courage to just ask, “what are you?”

You may think I’m exaggerating how often people stop and ask my ethnicity.
I’m not.

Anyways, I’m proud of being the black sheep, although there’s no hiding my “tourist” status when I visit my Korean family.

For some quick facts about the people in my life, and I mean my cat and boyfriend, then read on.


  • Brown hair and brown eyes
  • 5’6″
  • 110 lbs
  • 32D
  • Size XS/S, 0/2
  • Size 8 shoe size
  • Spastic and terribly awkward


Enjoy this photo of my cat, Grizzly:
photo (1)

This is Grizzly, or Grizwald, and she is my everything. Like, I would be an absolute wreck if anything ever happened to her. She’s kind of bat-s***-crazy and destroys all my nice furniture. She also has a habit of coughing up hairballs on all the rugs and completely ignoring the faux wood floors. My little Grizwald is still my baby. My destructive bat-s***-crazy cat, but my baby.

Second to my cat is my underwhelmingly unromantic boyfriend, Brad.

I mean, he’s a looker, but sometimes I have to guide the right words from his mouth. Well… here we are… still dating and whatnot.

Brad is also a fratdaddy. I know, I know. I also said that I would never date a guy in a fraternity, but I guess we all make mistakes… love you babe.

He has a nice face.


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