I Entered the Lipstick Market



Maybelline Color Sensation Matte Lipsticks

There are no links for the products this time, because you can buy any of these products at your local grocery store, drugstore, Ulta, etc.

  • e.l.f. Lip Exfoliator
  • e.l.f. Lip Primer and Plumpler
  • NYX Slim Lip Pencil: nude beige ($3-$5) hot red ($3-$5)
  • NYX Slide On Lip Pencil: summer tease ($6-$8)
  • Maybelline Color Sensational Matte Lipstick: nude embrace ($5-$6) craving coral ($5-$6) siren in scarlet ($5-$6)

I found myself Googling images of matte lipstick since Kylie released her lipstick/lipgloss line. No, I did not purchase any of her lipsticks, but I never realized how elegant lipstick actually looks on women.

I have never ventured too far into the lipstick world because I always thought I would look tacky with lipstick; my lip routine consisted of chapstick and maybe some lipgloss on top – and that’s if I wanted to be fancy. I never thought much of lip products beyond chapstick, but now I’m hooked on lipstick after a week of wearing it.



Wearing Maybelline’s Color Sensation Matte Lipstick in “Siren in Scarlet.”

After some research, I learned that you’re supposed to exfoliate your lips one to two times a week. This may be old news for most of you, but now I know. Mind. Blown.

So I picked up a lip exfoliator by e.l.f. cosmetics from my local grocery store. e.l.f. is one of those brands that is extremely affordable and produces good-quality products.

This lip exfoliator, pictured above, had a cinnamon scent and taste that I could live without, but it certainly removed my chapped skin and left my lips feeling smooth and revived. I would repurchase e.l.f.’s lip exfoliator.

I also purchased e.l.f.’s lip primer and plumper.


e.l.f. Lip Primer and Plumper (excuse the unmanicured nails)

The el.f. lip primer and plumper is self-explanatory; it’s a two-in-one product with one side that primes your lips to help your lipstick last longer, and the other side plumps your lips to make them appear fuller. Because this is my first lip primer, I don’t have anything to compare it to. I didn’t do too much research before buying this product –  it was just there so I grabbed it. I don’t love it but I don’t hate it.

The primer side neutralized my natural lip color by making my lips nude, but it also blended with my lipstick color. For example, when I applied my red lipstick, the red color mixed with the primer color and made my lips pink. It’s not that big of a deal, but it is an annoyance. I had to apply more and more lipstick to get the red I wanted.

I was also a little disappointed by the plumper side. I did not see a difference between my natural little lips and my lips after I used the plumper. I probably would not repurchase e.l.f.’s lip primer and plumper.

Now that I got the e.l.f. reviews out of the way, I get to tell you about my lipliner and lipstick purchases.

I normally splurge on cosmetics at Sephora (V.I.B. member is an understatement), but I didn’t want to dish out $20+ on lipstick because I wasn’t sure if I would even like lipstick on me. Remember, I’m just now venturing into the lipstick world. After a lot of research, I found the general consensus was that Maybelline’s Color Sensation lipstick line and NYX’s matte lipstick line were Sephora-quality. I decided to buy Maybelline’s matte lipsticks and use NYX’s lipliners.

I stood in that cosmetics aisle for, like, 3 hours because I could not decided which colors to get, and how many different colors to limit myself to. Even though the lipsticks and lipliners are $4-$6 each, it adds up fast.

As you can see in the pictures above, I bought the Nude Embrace, Craving Coral, and Siren in Scarlet; I chose a nude color for the days I want to go heavy on the eyes, an orangey-red color because orangey colors are supposed to look good on Asians, and a classic red for my Hollywood-glam look. The NYX lipliners were a close match to my lipsticks, so I bought one lipliner for each lipstick color.


Maybelline Color Sensation Nude Embrace Lipstick and NYX Nude Beige Lipliner


Maybelline Color Sensation Craving Coral Lipstick and NYX Summer Tease Lipliner


Maybelline Color Sensation Siren in Scarlet Lipstick and NYX Hot Red Lipliner

NYX’s lipliners were good. They applied smoothly and were fairly smudge resistant, but I assume most lipliners get the job done. My focus is on my lipstick.

So what do you think of my new lips?


Maybelline’s Color Sensation Matte Lipstick: Siren in Scarlet

I am officially, not to be a cliché, OBSESSED with lipstick. I love Maybelline’s matte lipsticks because they are very pigmented; however, they do transfer. The color will last given that your lips don’t touch anything, but you will need to reapply after eating or drinking.


Still, for less than $6? Yes, I will continue buying Maybelline’s Color Sensation lipsticks.


Nude Embrace, Craving Coral, and Siren in Scarlet, respectively.

I like the nude, although I would like to see a lighter shade for me. The coral lipstick shade was also great, although my boyfriend said it was a little bright and I would have to use minimal makeup. Finally, the Siren in Scarlet was and is my favorite color by far. Not to mention, the name “Siren in Scarlet” is pretty kick-ass.

“Why yes, I am wearing Siren in Scarlet.”



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