T3 ‘Whirl Trio’ Review

So I broke the bank and bought the T3 Whirl Trio styling wand; it hurt my heart to drop almost $300 for a curling rod.


Bankruptcy feelings aside, here’s my review.


T3 Whirl Trio: Interchangeable Styling Wand


As you can see from the picture above, the set is beautiful. It looks sleek and modern; I personally love the white with gold/bronze accents, because it looks like a feminine tool instead of a torture device (i.e. eyelash curlers). Not only is it a beautiful set, but it also comes with extra goodies.


Grizzly likes attention

I bought my T3 set from Nordstrom.com (I will provide the direct link to that further down), and if you buy it from Nordstrom then you can pick three free samples from their sample list. I got a sample of MAC mascara, Tom Ford perfume, and Clinique foundation/concealer. Although the free samples are a benefit of ordering from Nordstrom, I chose to purchase the T3 set through them because they have great customer service and a lenient return policy (or lack of any policy). Nordstrom does not have a time limit on returns because accepting and rejecting returns is case-by-case; however, Nordstrom always accommodated me whenever I returned an item in the past.

All of the T3 sets include a heat-resistant glove that is interchangeable between hands, a heat-resistant mat to place your rod on, a manual, and a soft tote/baggy for travel (Grizzly is sitting on it in the picture). The T3 Whirl Trio was nicely packaged overall, but is it the best-bang-for-your-buck at $270?


1.50 in. straight barrel on left, 1.25-0.75 tapered barrel on right

After testing out the set for a few weeks, I think that it is the best bang for your buck, unless you don’t have enough buck to bang with. The T3 Whirl Trio was worth the expense for me because it’s interchangeable, it’s less damaging to hair than comparable products, it heats quickly, and the curls actual hold.

Obviously, the coolest part about the T3 set is that the barrels are interchangeable. The three barrels included are a 1 inch straight barrel, a 1.25-0.75 inch tapered barrel, and a 1.50 inch straight barrel. Each barrel creates different types of curls. I haven’t tried the 1 inch straight barrel because those typically create tight curls or waves, and I’m not a fan of tight curls. I use the 1.25-0.75 inch tapered barrel and the 1.50 inch straight barrel because I’m partial to loose curls and old hollywood glam hair. I’m still working on achieving the old hollywood glam look.

The 1.25-0.75 inch barrel creates tighter curls than the 1.50 inch barrel, but I found that it’s a good medium-curl look. The curls hold longer than the 1.50 inch barrel, so the curls are not as tight by at the end of the day, but they’re still there.


Curl results with T3 1.25-0.75 inch barrel

My favorite is the 1.50 inch barrel because it creates loose celebrity-like curls. I’m not a curling rod master, but I’m still happy with my results after using this barrel. As I mentioned before, I’m still trying to create that old-fashioned glam look, and this barrel will definitely do it once I figure out how. My hair usually does not hold curls well, but this barrel tamed my hair and made those curls stick. I suggest using a light hairspray for longer-lasting curls with any of the barrels, but particularly for the 1.50 inch barrel.


1.50 inch barrel curls

You can change your look, or your curls, to whatever you want – all you have to do is switch the barrel. The T3 set is basically a three-in-one curling rod; so if you bought three different curling rods with comparable quality to the T3, then you would probably spend $300+. If we look at it this way, then $270 for three curling rods isn’t that expensive, but do most women actually use all three barrels? I think that most of us would have a favorite look or a favorite barrel, which we would use more often than the other two. The reality is that we wouldn’t have three curling rods because we would probably only use one size. This is something you should consider if you’re interested in the T3. The price isn’t bad for the number of barrels, but if you’re not going to use at least two out of the three barrels, then I suggest buying a different rod in a size you like.

Let’s be honest. I’m probably never going to touch the 1 inch barrel, BUT maybe I could let a friend use it. First, I need some friends.


1.50 inch barrel curls while skiing

Now let’s go over why the T3 Trio Whirl rod is less damaging to hair than other  products.

It is a tourmaline + ceramic-ionic rod. Tourmaline is a mineral coating that insulates the heat of a styling tool. It also keeps the moisture in your hair locked in. Most high-heat flat irons and curling rods are made of either titanium or ceramic; titanium is generally hotter, but ceramic material at 400°F+ will get the job done just as well (the T3 goes up to 410°F). And, the ionic component of this set will keep the cuticle layer of your hair smooth, shiny, and frizz-free.

The T3 Whirl Trio also heats quickly – so place it on the provided heat-resistant mat right away. I found that it takes about ten seconds to heat up to the maximum temperature (410°F). So you can starting curling almost immediately. Be sure to use that glove as well.

Finally, I liked how well my curls held. There were days when I did not apply hairspray to see how well the curls held up on their own, and it took about six hours until I noticed that my curls started to turn into curl-waves (between a curl and wave). You can refer to the ski picture above to see what I mean by curl-wave. When I applied a light amount of hairspray, the curls lasted about eight hours. You can add more hairspray if you need to, but I don’t use much hairspray because I like my hair to flow in the wind and whatnot.


The cons? The only con I found was that any stains are more apparent because it’s white. I’ve had my T3 for a few weeks, but I actually stained it within my first week because I used argan oil treatment for my skin and hair. I usually apply some argan oil to my hair after I style it, but I touched the argan oil bottle, and then touched my T3 barrels. I think I got argan oil residue on the barrels, which stained it when it heated.

The moment I stained my barrels was the moment I realized that there’s no going back, because I probably wouldn’t be able to return a stained product.


Argan oil stain after three days of use

Overall, I love my T3 Whirl Trio because it’s interchangeable, less damaging to hair, it heats quickly, and most importantly, my curls hold well. I could live without the 1 inch barrel, but at least it’s there in case I make a friend who likes 1 inch curls.

I bought my T3 Whirl Trio from Nordstrom.com: $270.00 (T3 Whirl Trio)

There are other websites and retail stores you may buy it from, but as I said, I chose Nordstrom because they have a lenient return policy in case this product didn’t work out.

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