The Best Dressed Game of Thrones Women

Game of Thrones season five is scheduled for release on April 12th, 2015. I’m a huge fan of the series and counting down the days for the big reveal of episode one. Seriously, I have it marked on my calendar and set the theme song as my ringtone.

In honor of the upcoming release, I’ve decided to create a list of who I think the best-dressed characters are. I’ve listed five notable characters that catch my eye.

5) Margaery Tyrell

tumblr_ml4hmiNtQG1ridjxyo1_500 tumblr_miypmnMbnB1qm8ztjo1_500 Margaery_Tyrell_Valar_Dress

Although Margaery is not considered a main character, by my definition of “main character,” she is worth noting as one of the top five best-dressed Game of Thrones women. A few of the GOT characters mentioned that she dresses suggestively, and I think it was Cersei who said that Margaery dresses like a “harlot.” I guess this is because her low cut dresses always reveal some cleavage.

4) Ygritte

Ygritte_PromotionalYgritteS3Promo ygritte

Another recurring, or was recurring, character is Ygritte. This may seem like a random selection, but I chose Ygritte for my number four spot. She was only around for one season, and she wore the exact same thing daily, but there is something about her and that fur wrapping around her body that I can’t get over. Maybe it’s because I’m a sucker for fur pieces. Ygritte wears this same outfit throughout the episodes featuring her, but it’s different from the regal dresses the other characters wear. Also, I think she looks cute and cozy.

And the fur hood. I love that fur hood.

3) Sansa Stark

YAx3OYo tumblr_mn7c8vAxeK1s6bxzqo1_500 cf7e746cfbdb617af78b60c9091cdc9e

I found Sansa Stark to be annoyingly useless at first, but as the story develops, so does her character. There are some notable dresses she wears in the series, but nothing quite as notable as the best-dressed spots of one and two. To reflect Sansa’s toughening exterior, in the last episode of season four, Sansa came out wearing all black with a bold necklace and wide feathered shoulders. We left off with her new feathery look, which is something that I look forward to seeing more.

2) Daenerys Targaryen (Mother of Dragons)

Daenerys_Qarth Daenerys-Targaryen-daenerys-targaryen-28965193-994-1498 tumblr_static_1ff5dlf90gdckskogwc044ws4

We love her hair and her strong eyebrow game. Besides the season Daenerys was with Drogo, she’s always had a soft and goddess-like appearance. As we all know, she is no longer the sweet and soft-spoken Targaryen from the first seasons, but instead a true queen. Her soft and fluid dresses compliment her tough demeanor and are a reflection of the region she reigns; however, as her character develops, we find that her dresses have become more rigid, structured, and befitting of her role as ruler.

1) Cersei Lannister

st9r3 tumblr_mb0kd2zbpX1qc4q26o1_500 Cersei-Lannister-house-lannister-24541709-1416-2128

Finally, there is Cersei. Believe it or not, Cersei Lannister is one of my favorite characters. I know, I know, she’s crazy and kind of a “B”, but I find her character very intriguing- except for the whole incest situation. I can live without that.

I love that her hair is effortless and her entire look is regal. Of course, she is a queen so the extravagant dresses come with the territory. I suppose that as a Lannister she can afford the extra luxurious dresses.

She steals my spot for number one best-dressed.

Once again, this list is based on my personal opinion. Feel free to express any opposing opinions on the best-dressed Game of Thrones Characters.


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