Blackout Amateur Ski

Within two days of skiing, I almost fell off the mountain cliff, bruised every part of my body, and experienced really bad hair.

While cruising down a beginner (green) slope, I gained some speed, and by some speed I mean I was flying down. I ended up at a fork where I passed the beginner path and went straight into the intermediate (blue) slope. During this time, I had no idea how to stop. At the end of the slope is a sharp right turn, and a nice cliff to jump right off of if you miss the turn. You would think that there would be some sort of fence or padded railing to prevent people from falling off the cliff- but there isn’t. Anyways, I had the choice of purposely falling or skiing right off the cliff, so I chose to fall. Falling down a mountain is not an easy task. I was grabbing onto snow to stop myself from rolling off. You can imagine what that was like (hopeless).

Afterwards, I turned a 30 minute slope ride into an hour and a half because I baby-stepped/skied down every hill. Afterwards, Brad and I got on a ski lift. I was putting my gloves on during the lift, and without any notice or warning, Brad pulled down the chair bar and smashed my forearm that was sitting between the bar and its resting point. So, basically, Brad almost snapped my forearm in half.

The tipping point, of almost dying and getting bruised up, was my hair; I took the time to straighten it and put on my adorable gray (grey?) beanie from Saks 5th Avenue, only to fall, get wet, and ruin my hair. It was a hot mess, minus the “hot” part. Thankfully, I have enough hair and volume to wrap it up into a messy bun.

Overall, I learned some skiing basics the hard, and very painful, way. I will be more careful to not almost-die, and I need to ice my bruises from falling and getting my arm smashed on the lift. Also, for those of you who straighten your hair before you hit the slopes, bring hair ties and bobby pins.

Tomorrow is our last ski day, and Brad wants to try the harder slopes. I’ll let you know if I take off my skis on walk down.

NOTE TO SELF: Pack bobby pins, bandaids, and a bubble suit.


Slope Style One:

  • AFRC In the Boot Stretch Petite Ski Pant- $170.99 (from Size 0
  • Toni Sailer Greta Insulated Ski Jacket- $539.99 (from Size 4
  • Timberland 14in. Premium Side-Zip Lace Waterproof Boots, In Buck- $130 (Outlet price. Retail price is $220) Size 8.5
  • Magellan Youth Pink Goggles- $13 (from Academy) One Size
  • Merell Black Crisp Contour Headband- $19 (from One Size
  • Smartwool Ridgeway Gloves in Buck- $39.83 (from REI) Size Small
  • Athleta Embodiment Set- $34.99 (bottom) and 59.99 (top) Size XS for both

I wore my Athleta Embodiment set as my base layer. They top and bottom is stretchy, warm, and the contouring lines are flattering. Plus they make my butt look good. The only downfall is that they seem to easily pick up lint after a wash.

I also wore my knee-high Smartwool socks over my base layer. Some people wear them under their base layer, but I think it’s fine either way. Aren’t they cute? They look like baseball socks.



The Toni Sailer Greta Jacket is perfect. It’s subtle, stylish, and I keep finding little pocket treasures; every time I wear it, I find a new pocket somewhere. The website I bought it from has a list of all its features:

Peter Glenn:

You can refer to my “Ski in Black” post for more jacket pictures and general information.

Unlike the Greta Jacket, my AFRC in the Boot Stretch Ski Pant did not meet my expectations on the slopes. It kept me warm and looked great, but a seam along my butt tore sometime during the day. I can tell you that it is not because the size is too small. I originally ordered both a size 0 and size 2 in order to see which would be the best fit, and the size 0 is perfect. I can layer underneath without it being too tight. I was disappointed that I was only able to wear them for one day, but I think they could just be a bad pair. That happens to most of us once in while. I don’t think the pants are poor quality, I just think that I got a bad one.

I ordered the AFRC in the Boot Stretch Ski Pant from the same website I got my jacket from. I plan on contacting Peter Glenn tomorrow to get a replacement.

IMG_9343IMG_9302 IMG_9303 IMG_9304 IMG_9305 IMG_9310

Slope Style Two:

  • Vintage Edelweiss Stirrup Ski Pant- $22.99 (ebay) Size 6
  • Toni Sailer Greta Insulated Ski Jacket- $539.99 (from Size 4
  • Timberland 14in. Premium Side-Zip Lace Waterproof Boots, In Buck- $130 (Outlet price. Retail price is $220) Size 8.5
  • Magellan Youth Pink Goggles- $13 (from Academy) One Size
  • Smartwool Ridgeway Gloves in Buck- $39.83 (from REI) Size Small
  • Athleta Embodiment Set- $34.99 (bottom) and 59.99 (top) Size XS for both
  • Gray (grey) beanie from Saks Fifth Avenue

After the unfortunate event of ripping the seam in my AFRC ski pant, I defaulted to my vintage backup pair I bought from ebay ($22.99). As you can see in the pictures, they’re white stirrup ski pants to tuck into my boots. I refuse to wear pants that go over the boots. The white pants are Edelweiss, and they are flattering and show off my curves. They are also a little shiny, which my boyfriend can’t seem to get over, but it’s certainly not blinding.

As disappointed as I am about my brand new black ski pants, the white vintage ones are a perfect replacement. I suppose I shouldn’t be one of those people who wear the exact same ski clothes everyday *ehm, Brad*.


Enjoy my attempted “looking afar” pose…SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC

IMG_9381 IMG_9383IMG_9375IMG_9368IMG_9367IMG_9365Brad and sophie skiing

What do prefer? Black-on-black, white-on-white, or white-on-black?

Or do you wear bold colors on the slopes?

One Comment on “Blackout Amateur Ski

  1. Your blog Is fantastic. The white stirrup pants are amazing. Is the stirrup also comfortable after wearing the pants for a couple of hours? Do you have also pictures from the stirrup that show how the stirrup fits at the foot?
    Best regards Karen

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